I’m Madeleine MacRae,
Your Business Growth Strategist

My drive is to help home professionals reach incredible sales goals quickly and reliably.

If you believe business owners should not have to work 24/7.

If you wonder whether doing business the “same old way” might be getting you the “same old results.”

If you’re ready to do what it takes to achieve freedom and long-term growth in your business, then let’s talk. 

I’m here to take you out of the chaos and help you put systems in place for repeatable results in your business.

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Create a Better Work-Life Balance

I know how tempting it is to spend every minute of your life working on a business that is your passion and gives you incredible fulfillment, but what is life like when you’re all work and no play? When you spend every minute in your business and miss your kids’ games or your friends’ milestones?

My clients learn how to play to their greatest strengths and passions
and STILL have time for the things they love the most.

– Madeleine MacRae

Corporate Credentials

I’ve earned a reputation for my professionalism and high-level product knowledge and for never giving up on a sale or a project before exhausting every option.

That go-getter attitude helped me climb the corporate ladder quickly and earn a seat as the youngest, most quickly promoted member of Somfy Systems’ Strategic Leadership Team. I’ve had front-row access to a wide range of local and international products, projects and customers — from large multinational manufacturers to solopreneur dealers (two guys and a truck!).

I’ve been privileged to sit at the table with some of the best businesses in our industry from huge to tiny, corporate to family-run, manufacturers to retail dealers. From them I’ve learned first-hand what it really takes to be a top dealer, contractor or manufacturer and THAT is what I teach my clients.

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I’ve helped many businesses achieve real-world results, including:

  • Growing a Manufacturer’s South Florida Hurricane Protection business from zero to a whopping $1.5MM in under 18 months.
  • Coaching a Dealer from practically zero sales to $1.2MM in under 12 months.
  • Creating repeatable systems that dozens of businesses have used to catapult their growth.

For more than 12 years, I’ve worked with Contractors, Dealers and Manufacturers in the Home Products and Professionals industry ranging from storm and security protection, to window coverings, shades and awnings to home automation!

I’m proud to say I’m often called “the Fixer” because I drive changes that really resolve issues.

Now manufacturers, dealers and associations come to me for business and sales training, to build the businesses of their dreams using the same systems and structures that the top companies in our home products industries use.

Shortcut your Way to Success... On Your Terms.

Sometimes it takes another person to put things in perspective. Request a complimentary business breakthrough session with me. This is a no-obligation phone call. Even if we’re not a great fit, you will walk away with your best next move for building your business.

Available for qualified businesses (manufacturers, dealers, reps and associations) in the home products and home professionals industries.

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Client Reviews

Madeleine is an outstanding business coach with a natural ability to quickly understand multiple aspects of a business, and develop strategies that add immediate and long term value to the bottom line. She does this in a way that is fun and energizing, while keeping you accountable.

Cheryl Thompson

Global Prototype Manager, Ford Motor Company

I love my business! It’s my passion and has been a huge success for me for over 15 years. Earlier this year, due to a location change and some family emergencies, I was thinking about closing my business. I would have closed it if not for FastTrack. FastTrack helped me stay on track, stay motivated and move forward towards my bigger goals. Sometimes life gets in the way, but I know I have huge potential and this program is helping me develop that potential more and more. It’s every bit worth the investment.

Jami Leiker

Owner, In Style Blinds

The main reason I joined the FastTrack was to be a part of a community of people doing the same thing, learning and encouraging each other. Madeleine has facilitated this well. When I see others’ success it motivates me to do the same. When it comes to social media I am a total caveman, heck I’m not even on my family’s Facebook. This group has changed that for me. I find the modules and the weekly calls informative and helpful. Would I do it again? Yes!


The Blind Spot

I’ve had my business since 1997 but was time to ramp up my results. I’ve never had a website and wanted to stop just running my business through luck. It was time for bigger results! That’s why I chose FastTrack and it’s been just what I needed.

Roger Yurkowski

Express Blinds of Knoxville

If you are looking for assistance to increase sales volume and sales technique look no further than Madeleine. She has a proven track record in a very short period of time. Flat out working with Madeleine you will get results! She has helped many companies in a wide range of industries to increase sales.

Spencer Bass

Sales Manager, Croci North America

With FastTrack, the coaching calls inspire me to take action and implement some of the new things I’ve learnt. On-the-spot selling was one of them. I decided to test it out and I never thought that it would increase my average sale, but it did. By 37.5% and I’m just getting started with it! I’m going to keep on working on implementing it!

Jenny Gillespie

Sheer Illusions

The tools and training offered through FastTrack have allowed us to put systems in place that help us work smarter, not harder. While the modules are set, Madeleine understands that this is not a cookie-cutter program and helps us adapt to our individual business models and area market. Great program!

Darla Zorn

Express Blinds of Knoxville

I had the pleasure of working with Madeleine to improve my video marketing company sales. She is dynamic and a great listener. Her advice will set you in the right direction and she has lots of passion for what she does. I would recommend Madeleine to anyone looking to improve their sales and confidence!

Daryl Oberg

Owner, AYD Internet Marketing

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